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About Us

How it all started…

Hi, I am Alison Parker from Kentucky. Like many of you, all my passion for cooking started from my very childhood. My mother used to do all the magic in the kitchen and it never failed to amaze me at the dining table. Since then I have developed a passion for cooking and baking.

I am in my thirties now and I still feel the same thrill when I try to cook a new dish or recreate one of my mom’s. Thanks to all the tips, hacks I inherited from my mother and collected from the internet over the years.

Although I am not a professional chef and I can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen with a teenager and a toddler messing around all the time, I make the best use of the time I can manage for cooking with the help of the latest tools and gadgets.

The inspiration for starting this blog was from my husband, who is also my best friend and the biggest fan of my cooking (and I am his). We enjoy the time we cook together more than anything else. And now we are also maintaining this blog together and it is really fun!

Here we will share our first-hand experiences and honest reviews of different kitchen appliances. We also welcome guest posting, provided that those will be helpful for our readers. And we are always open to your comment, discussion, or critics. So feel free to reach out.

With love from Kentucky.

Alison Parker


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