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air fryer advantages and disadvantages

Air Fryer Advantages and Disadvantages

An air fryer, a convection oven is a more modern replacement for the conventional oven. With a heating coil and a fan located at the top of the appliance for the process of air, it can give crispy food in no time and with less oil.

Is there anyone that does not cook? I bet not. Whether you love to engage in cooking or whether it is your most dreaded house chores, cooking just has to be done. The development of technology has given us access to very good kitchen appliances that get the cooking stress off us. Examples of such an appliance is an air fryer.

It is important to weigh your options well before investing in a new kitchen appliance. One way to get your options weighed out is to ask questions, make research about the appliance. You might also need to check the customers’ review of the product to help you make a worthy decision.

For the sake of this writing, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of an air fryer. 

Advantages of Air Fryer / Air Fryer Pros

Easy to Operate

Why would anybody want to invest in a kitchen counter that doesn’t have it easy to get through it? Its operation is just in few steps.

All that needs to be done is to get your food item coated with oil after which you carefully place it in the already preheated fryer. Using the recipe book and with the control panels, set the time and temperature appropriate for the particular food item. Once the timer is done reading and your food is done cooking, the fryer shuts itself down and all that is left to be done is to take out your food and happily munch on them.

Some air fryers models stir food as it cooks to allow for evenly cooking. But if your model of air fryer does not come with the stirring property, all you will need to do is to stir your food in the middle of cooking to inculcate even cooking.

Safe to Use

The process of deep frying foods can result in personal injury. Yeah! Deep frying can cause an accident. For instance, if you have to fry food in oil in a frying pan, let’s say chicken breast. Chicken breast has lots of fat in it and when dipped in hot cooking oil, it can cause the splattering of hot oil and this can cause skin burn and in a more serious case, it can cause an explosion which may result in a higher degree of burns on the body or even lead to death.

Typical air fryers would spare you the trouble of hot oil splattering all over your face and body because all of the cooking is done inside of a locked air fryer.

A microwave oven heats food using radiation which is not healthy and an air fryer heats without the radiation, hence it is safer to use.

The auto shut down feature of many of these electrical kitchen appliance gets better with an air fryer. Overcooked or burnt food can be completely avoided because an air fryer shut itself off once the food is ready.

Occupies less Kitchen Space

an air fryer is not like the traditional oven that takes up a lot of the kitchen space so you need not worry about where to put or place your air fryer because a small space in the kitchen can be created for it. You might even decide not to create a permanent space for it and just bring it out whenever you need it. A kitchen countertop can do the magic. A lot of people place their air fryers on the kitchen countertops.

Cooks with very Little Oil

You can be sure to save up about 80% of oil when cooking in an air fryer. Too much oil can be dangerous to our bodies and so we have air fryers to thank for giving us healthier foods to munch on. 

Would you find it more pleasing to your ears if I say that you can completely stay away from cooking oil if you desire that much? 

Well, some air fryer models do not at all make use of oil. This means less money spent on cooking.

Makes Food have lesser Fats and fewer Calories

For people that are very much concerned about living a healthy life or about their calorie intake should key into these health benefits of air fryers.

Deep frying food means keeping your food in too much oil and you don’t want this if you want lesser fats in your body. High intake of fat from vegetable oils has been associated with an increased risk of heart diseases.

Your food will taste super tasty and crispy without adding an extra calorie to your body. Do you not like this healthier version of getting oil-fried foods cooked? I bet you do.

Helps to Retain and Preserve Food Nutrients

The cooking process in an air fryer can prevent food from losing all of its moisture and nutrients. “How?”, you asked. With the oil coating on food and the circulation of hot air in the fryer, you can be sure the nutrients in the food are very well retained.

The Smell of oil on your Body can be Avoided

Not everyone likes to smell like what they just finished cooking. Take, for example, you just finished frying with a deep fat fryer with oil splattered around the kitchen, and just then a visitor knocks at your door. You opened the door and the very first thing the person tells you after a welcome hug is that ” hey, your entire home smells like French fries”.

You don’t like the sound of that right? I know. Getting your French fries done in an air fryer will give you the benefits of not smelling like one because all the smell are enclosed within the appliance.

Easy to Clean

You will surely love this advantage of the air fryer. What is as sweet as having little to no mess to clean up after cooking? You have used little or no oil and so the cleaning up is easier, a warm water and soap are all you need, you do not even need to scrub hard.

A little time and energy is needed to get your air fryer cleaned compare to other cooking appliances.

Air Fryer can be used as Food Dehydrator

An air fryer can be used as a food dehydrator. You can store dehydrated foods for a long time and you can do this very economically using an air fryer. Read more in this article.

Efficient and Inexpensive to Operate

The cooking method of a conventional deep fryer requires you to use a vast amount of oil. Cooking oil has a significant cost in a variety of foods especially if you have to fry frozen foods. You can’t but need a lot of oil and this means a lot of money.

An air fryer needs very little oil and in some models, it needs no oil at all and so you can save up the money you are supposed to use to get a large quantity of oil for something else. Hence, it is inexpensive.

An air fryer is an electric appliance, needs electrical power to work but because of its small size, the amount of electrical energy it consumes is not on the high side. The amount of energy it will consume is small in comparison to the energy a conventional oven will consume. Therefore, it is more efficient and inexpensive to use an air fryer.

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Disadvantages of Air Fryer / Cons of Air Fryer

The fact that there is nothing with advantages and no disadvantages is true. As great as an air fryer is below are its cons.

It is Difficult to Use for Large Group/ Big Family Food

The small size of the air fryer does not allow it to cook a large quantity of food at a time. You will no doubt have a stressful time trying to quick for a large group with it because it will mean cooking in batches. This is not advised because it is going to be time-wasting, power wasting, and lots of stress. Even if you decide to cook in batches, by the time you are done cooking the last batch, the first batch is already cold. It is only suitable if all you want to cook can be done at a go.

If you are cooking for a large family, I would suggest using a pressure cooker instead.

It can Overcook or Burn Food

when there is little or no supervision of the cooking temperature and the cooking time, the food can dry out and burn. This is so because the air fryer uses high-heat cooking methods.

Although a variety of foods that can be air fried usually comes with their air fryer recipes with details of the cooking time and temperature it is not enough on the first try. You will need to use the air fryer severally before you can be able to master how to get your food perfectly cooked without getting it overcooked or burnt.

Food Comes out with Different Taste and Feel

Either this is because of being used to the feel and taste that comes from the conventional way of deep frying or because of the notion that healthier foods are not as tasty as the healthy ones. It just remains the fact that the food in the air fryer comes out less tasty and crispier than the one made in the deep fryer.

It Takes a longer Time to get Food Cooked

In comparison with a deep fryer, an air fryer takes a longer cooking time. This is because the hot air circulating inside the air fryer does not transfer enough heat and unlike a food cooking in hot oil in the normal deep fryer.

For example, cooking frozen foods like chicken wings or Chicken Nuggets in a deep fryer will take about 9-12 minutes and 3-4 minutes respectively while cooking the same in an air fryer will take about 16 minutes and 12 minutes respectively.

Air Frying can Create Acrylamide

Acrylamide is one of the dangerous compounds that can be formed in food processing that involves dry frying. Air frying is a type of dry frying and the health disadvantage is that it causes acrylamide, it is toxic and cancer-causing if consumed in large quantities.

One way to identify acrylamide is to look for blackened areas on air-fried meat, when found, remove the blackened part before consumption.

It is Expensive to Get an Air Fryer

That an air fryer is expensive is relative. It might be for one person and be cheap for another one so I wouldn’t so much want to dwell much on this. Although we can say some models of air fryers are expensive.

Final Words

We are hopeful that by the time you are done reading this article and with all of the advantages and the disadvantages of an air fryer that we’ve provided you with, you will be able to make an informed decision as you can tell what to expect when you purchase the kitchen appliance.

We sure wish you the best as you explore the world of air frying.

We love to hear from you in the comment box and know-how this has helped you.

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