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air fryer basket peeling

Air Fryer Basket Peeling 2021

The presence of air fryers is now very common in house kitchens. It is an excellent kitchen appliance that requires less oil to fry foods, unlike other traditional deep frying appliances.

Air fryers usually work at a very high temperature by circulating hot air around the foods. By circulating the hot air produced by a fan it cooks foods satisfyingly.

The reason behind its popularity is that it can offer more healthy alternatives to traditional deep-fried foods with the almost same taste, texture, flavor and most importantly without the use of extra oil.

But despite being a useful gadget, like many other modern technologies it also has some limitations or problems. Among them, the most heard problem is the air fryer basket peeling problem.

Air Fryer Basket peeling: Reasons, Concern and Solutions

Why is the Air Fryer Basket peeling already happening? Is it normal? What to do?

When looking for the answer to these questions it was found that most people have faced these problems within a few weeks or months after buying their air fryer.

And to find the answers to the problems, the survey was conducted on the following issues:

  • With what quality materials did the manufacturer make it? 
  • How are you using your Air Fryer? 
  • How often do you clean your air fryer and how carefully do you operate it and so on.

 Let’s discuss the causes in detail and many more, including SOLUTIONS.

The Reason behind Air Fryer Basket Peeling and Solution

Some significant reasons behind air fryer basket peeling have been found. First of all poor choice of material used by the manufacturer, any kind of scratches, cooking in the wrong temperature, incorrect setting of the basket, heavy use, use of abrasive sponges to wash mainly causes the peeling eventually.

Here comes the details.

Poor Materials

Generally not every air fryer peels or if they peel they don’t peel excessively. For example, air fryers with stainless steel baskets give more positive results. So undoubtedly air fryers made with poor quality materials can cause nonstick coating flaking off of the basket.

Metal Scratches

Users commonly receive suitable metal utensils with air fryers. But these tools should be used carefully to avoid them scratching the surface of the air basket. To prevent peeling plastic should be used instead of metal knives, forks, etc.

Abrasive and Rough Washing Sponge

Soft sponges must be used to wash any kind of coating. The majority of people scrub harshly with an abrasive or rough brush to wash the burnt or struck food in the basket which ultimately leads to peeling. Soaking the air fryer basket in soapy water for 20-25 min will soften the burn and would make it easy to wash without harsh scrub.

Unnecessary High Temperature

Air fryers typically work at high temperatures but unnecessary excessive heat can cause the peeling of the basket by bubbling in the air fryer as the hot air gets trapped under the coating.

Then should I be concerned about my air fryer basket peeling?

Basically, who wants to have peeling flakes in their foods to eat? Isn’t it quite unappetizing? So do I have to be worried about it as it can be considered poison? Fortunately, the answer is No! 

Almost every frying utensil carries a non-stick coating that eventually peels someday. It’s only that you shouldn’t overheat your basket and the flakes that peel out from the basket.

Then How Do I Stop My Air Fryer Basket From Sticking? Is there a good way?

Well, some precautions can prevent food from sticking into the basket. 

Heating the air fryer basket before cooking and rub the surface with pure coconut oil will prevent food from sticking. Parchment paper can also be used.

Another technique of avoiding peeling is shaking the air fryer basket halfway through the cooking to prevent food from sticking to the bottom and sides of the basket.

Can I use my Air Fryer without a Basket?

 Well, this question is asked by many whether an air fryer can be used without a basket or not. The simple and straightforward answer is YES.

The best alliterative of the air fryer basket can be a small handleless aluminum pan or cake pan or air fryer exclusive pans or pots. But you must be very careful that the normal airflow is not obstructed and the air does not get stuck around the air fryer. If you don’t concentrate on this matter you would get some uneven burnt food at last!

Do I have to Wash my Air Fryer Basket after every use?

Cleaning is an essential part of every kitchen appliance and the air fryer basket also includes this. Since food gets stuck in the basket it must be cleaned after cooking. Otherwise, the stuck food can cause a bad smell which will affect your freshly cooked food.

So you should wash the air fryer basket regularly according to some rules.

You should follow the manual’s instructions. Since the shell of the basket can be removed by washing with a stiff sponge, it should be washed after a while by soaking it in soapy water before washing.

It should be noted that the air fryer must be unplugged before it can be cleaned. Take out the basket and finally wash it when it is cold. Make sure to avoid any kind of sharp metal during washing.

Air Fryer Basket Replacement

Can I change my air fryer basket when needed? The answer is an absolute yes. Because replacement of the air fryer basket is now very readily available.  You can make your air fryer advance for a better experience.  Different sites are giving you this service.

So replacing the air fryer basket could be a better solution if your basket is peeling already. Instead of using the old damaged basket, you can buy a new one and should use them according to the instructions so that you can avoid peeling later.

Final Thoughts

Air fryers are now getting more and more popular because of their versatility. No matter how useful and versatile a device is, there will always be problems. The most notable problem with air fryers is air fryer basket peeling. We are humans and we are born problem solvers, and that is what I tried to do above. I hope it was helpful to you.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you and all your questions will be answered. By applying the right method you can save your basket from peeling. So precautions and instructions must be followed for getting the best performance from your air fryer.

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