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deep frying vs pan frying

Deep Frying vs Pan Frying

Deep frying and pan frying are two methods in the field of cooking, which are very known and Famous all over the world. Both the methods require the use of oil or fat, but the core difference between these two is that one uses more oil while the other takes a little oil. So it can be said Deep frying allows food to float in the oil while pan frying merely allows food to be coated in the oil.

Oil Requirement

As both frying are popular and efficacious, some differences can be found between them. However the significant difference between them lies in the term of using oil.

Though both frying requires oil and heat some food can be pan fried without oil, for example Bacon. But if you wonder if deep frying can be done without oil, I don’t think so.


Then if we consider time, Deep frying is much quicker than pan frying because in deep frying the food is fried by dipping it in full oil which cooks the food very fast. Whereas pan frying requires a few tablespoons of oil and asks for some flipping and stirring which takes more time.


Generally every kitchen has a set of frying pan or a shallow pan that can be used for pan frying. However many smart deep fryers are now available in market such as Electric deep fryer, Air deep fryer, induction deep fryer etc. so anyone can choose according to their need and satisfaction.


Any type of frying usually requires high temperature almost from 325F to 400F. Whether deep or pan frying, oil must be reached to the required temperature before adding the foods in the oil.

Food Taste and Outlook

Both frying gives us tasty and delicious food but differences lie in the texture of the dish. Compared to pan frying, deep frying gives a crispy, juicy and yummy looking dish. As for pan frying, it creates a brownish colored food.

Shallow Frying

Another popular frying method is the shallow frying in which the item being fried is usually 

halfway submerged into the oil. Though it also uses little oil like pan frying, it’s slightly different from pan frying and totally opposed to deep frying.

In a pan frying minimal amounts of oil partly covers the food, when in deep frying food is fully submerged in oil but in shallow frying oil generally covers the halfway of the food and must be flipped twice or thrice.

It can be said that shallow frying is finding that sweet spot between deep frying and pan frying that will make your dish even tastier with the right balance of crispiness and juiciness.

Temperature should be 375F and Fry Pan, Wok or Electric Griddle can be easily used for shallow frying. This method is an easy, tender and short timed cooking method which includes foods like fish fillets, beef chops or stakes, sausages etc.

Deep Frying in Air Fryer

Air fryer is a new multi purpose kitchen appliance which works at a high temperature. It has already drawn quite attention in Europe and Australia and is now becoming more famous in the U.S. It was invented from the people’s demand as they seek alliterative or substitute of deep fryer.

Pretty much everything without high liquid food can be cooked through an air fryer. In an air fryer hot air circulated around the foods making the foods crispy outside and tender and moist inside. Though air fryers can’t give the exact same taste as deep fryers, they can definitely give a mind blowing crispy, crunchy, tender and yummy food and a big plus for your health.

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

If we compare air fryers with other available frying tools in the market it certainly is healthier as it reduces high fat or oil and many other harmful compounds from food.

When it comes to the use of oil or fat, Air fryers only use a little oil compared to traditional deep frying but can produce dishes with almost identical taste, flavor and textures. Air fried foods contain lower fat than deep fried foods which are of course very healthy.

Wok vs Frying Pan: Which to use?

This is a question asked by almost every kitchen owner whether they should keep a wok pan or a frying pan? or do they need both?  Before giving any discussion let’s take a peak between these two!

First of all both of them are totally opposite in their design. Made of stainless steel frying pan carry a flat bottom with a moderately sloped wall, while wok pan usually has a round bottom with deep sloping wall which is made of carbon steel and easily traps heat inside and cooks much faster.

Basically, wok allows a deeper space on the other hand frying pan is shallower. The wok is better for dishes that require much oil mixing.

A frying pan is very useful to cook meat and other foods.

Both wok and the frying pan function are almost the same but in fact, some dishes should only be cooked in an oak pan and some in a frying pan.

Then which to choose? if you don’t have a tight budget and have space in your kitchen then you can try to afford both as both of them are useful. If you are thinking about doing some shallow frying from time to time please consider the wok pan.

Deep frying vs Pan Frying Cube Steak

Cube steak also known as cubed or minute steak is a flavourful cut of beef which is pre tenderized. It’s up to you how you want to cook your cube steak, deep fried or pan fried.

If you deep fry the meat then it will take 2 or 3 minutes to be fried and will give you a crust and crispy vibe on the exterior of the food.

However pan frying steak will give you a tender-brownish vibe and you have to flip the steak once or twice to cook fully.

So think how do you like your cube steak and choose the appliance you find fit for.


Hopefully, the above article can give you a good enough idea about deep frying and pan frying.  However, we will not ask you to choose a particular method here, but to choose the one that suits you.

Either Deep or pan frying, both methods are suitable for fried foods. While deep frying effectively works for onion rings, fried chicken, etc. Pan frying is much ideal for cooking any kind of chops or pancakes.

It’s actually difficult to limit yourself with one as both of them have many pros and cons. So as all the cards are on the table from the above discussion, make the choice. I really hope that works for you.

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