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best gotham steel pan reviews

Gotham Steel Pan Reviews 2021

Gotham steel pan reviews offer the best practical solutions and longevity. The reviews take into account longevity after decades of use to give you the same shiny, attractive, and functional pan you desire in your kitchen. Therefore, picking a pan that is chemical-free, durable, and versatile is the right decision because the pan can stand up to the hype.

Using the best Gotham steel pan helps you serve tasty meals and the non-sticky features make cleaning the pan more comfortable and give you a pleasant experience. A quality steel pan improves your kitchen competency and reduces the mess in the pan. 

What is a Gotham Steel Pan?

This is a cooking pan made of titanium with inner ceramic coatings. The pans are round with cool handles. Also, the pans come in different depths and sizes. The nonstick surface allows food to slide off them after cooking without sticking. The non-sticking feature is a major pulling factor as it makes cooking easy or more manageable.

Gotham steel pans are reputed for their dishwasher safeness and even heat distribution. The pan has no toxicity of any kind making it healthier to use because it’s PFOA free. Every kitchen lover longs to have a beautiful collection of these Gotham steel pans in their kitchen. 

One reason is that the Gotham steel pans are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher safe. Plus, it comes with a glass lid giving you better visibility of the food as it cooks. The glass lid enhances the overall cooking experience and the pan is ideal for multipurpose use.

Best Gotham Steel Pan Review 

I have reviewed different cookware and cooking pans. So believe me when I rate Gotham steel pan as the best in the market because of the features and other things mentioned below. Let’s take a look at what to expect when you buy a Gotham steel pan. 

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Buyers get two pieces of the Gotham steel pans including an 8.5-inch and a 9.5-inch pan nonstick pans. Both pans have cool sturdy handles and are 100% PFOA free. 

Non-stick Surface

The Gotham steel pans have ultra-nonstick titanium and ceramic coating on the inner surface giving you instant food release. You feel like you are cooking on air!

Besides, the pans are ready to use when purchased and are versatile. You can prepare a variety of foods like pancakes, omelets, steaks, and stir-fry vegetables.

You don’t have to use oil to coat the surfaces to prevent food from sticking on the surface because of this coating. You can quickly clean or wipe off any food residue quickly without any problems. 

Oven Friendly 

Apart from using a stovetop, you can use your Gotham steel pan in the oven provided the temperature is below 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In short, you can cook those things you wouldn’t try cooking on the stovetop like sweet desserts, round cakes, etc.

High Heat Resistance 

The pan features a copper interior making it resistant to high temperatures. The frying pan is eco-friendly and gives you uniform heat distribution.

Dishwasher Safe

Most importantly, the pans are dishwasher safe making maintenance easy. Cleaning and washing are things people look at when buying any cookware. This makes sense as nobody wants to deal with cookwares that will frustrate them when cleaning. 

Compatible with all Metal Utensils 

Gotham steel pans are quality cookware that doesn’t scratch and are 100 percent compatible with metal utensils. There is no risk of the inner coating scratching and the coat ending up in your food.

Irrespective of the metal utensils you use, the aluminum and ceramic coating stays put with no risk of flaking off. Therefore, you don’t have to buy plastic or wooden utensils to use in the pans.  

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  • Dishwasher safe and quick cleanup
  • Sturdy and cool handles that are ergonomically designed
  • Easy to use in every meal from breakfast to your dessert as it can handle food different food varieties
  • No risk of toxic fumes exposure because the pans are PFOA-free


  • Incompatible with induction stovetops
  • A single panhandle but would have been great if it had two handles

Considerations Before Buying Gotham Steel Pans

Keep the following considerations in mind when buying Gotham steel pans. The idea is to get the best that is not only durable but will give you great performance and versatility.

Thickness and Size

This is a top priority as size and depth make all the difference. There is no universal fit, and each pan comes in different sizes and thicknesses. The best thing to do is ensure the steel pan suits what you want to cook. For example, a small Gotham steel pan suits well a large stovetop.

Dishwasher Safe

The idea is to make cleaning easy. Most people hate manual cleaning and would love a dishwasher safe Gotham steel pan. With a dishwasher, washing or cleaning is easy and quick. 

Sturdy Pan Handles

Panhandles are important because they make you comfortable when cooking. Go for riveted thick panhandles. Riveted panhandles are easy to tighten and more durable. However, hollow panhandles are easy to clean and don’t conduct heat, unlike riveted handles.

PFOA and PTFE Free 

Health-wise you are safer cooking with a PTFE and PFOA free pan. Verify the certifications for your health safety to ensure that you are not dealing with a steel pan that releases toxic fumes.

Distributes even Heat 

Settle for efficiency if you want longevity. A steel pan that evenly distributes heat saves you cooking time in the kitchen. Gotham steel pans have uniform heat distributions which makes them the best in the industry and perfect for cooking. Even heat distribution saves you electricity and gas costs.


Get a nonstick Gotham steel pan as you don’t have problems with food sticking on the pan. This means less time spent removing burnt food off the pan. Stuck food consumes more oil besides burning food.

Scratch Resistant

Use metal utensils as you are free from scratching problems. Gotham steel pans are safe to use and have a longer lifespan.

Oven Safe

During baking, you insert your steel pan inside the oven. Therefore ensure the Gotham steel pan you buy is oven safe. This makes it easy to heat food without needing a separate pan. Gotham steel pan is safe to use in an oven provided the temperature doesn’t exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gotham Steel Pan Toxic?

It’s normal to be concerned about the safety of your Gotham steel pan. The best way to address any doubts is to know the materials used in making the Gotham steel pan.

The pan is made of safe materials that don’t have any toxic components. The nonstick coating used is both PFOA and PFOS which is safe even at high temperatures. The pan doesn’t release any toxic materials or fumes into the air.

The pan is safe to use even after washing using metal wire or dishwasher as cleaning doesn’t damage the non-scratch and nonstick coating. The surfaces remain intact without any gray marks on your food. This is different if you are dealing with pans from other unreliable manufacturers.

How do you clean a Burnt Gotham Steel Pan?

Cleaning a burnt Gotham steel pan is easy and doesn’t need any special cleaning tools or hard scrubbing. You can use cleaning remedies like baking soda paste and water. Ensure the mixture is right before gently rubbing it on the affected parts. This remedy restores your shiny steel pan without the need to scrub.

Alternatively, use a mixture of white vinegar and salt to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on the burnt surface and scrub gently. Clean the pan and get back your shiny steel pan.

Can you Use Oil in Gotham Steel Pan?

According to the manufacturer, Gotham steel pans have exceptional nonstick features. Besides, most Gotham steel pans are made using strong aluminum and ceramic coating. What does this mean? Your Gotham steel pan is made to cook food without using oil or butter. This doesn’t mean you can’t use oil or butter. You can always use oil if you desire.

How does Gotham Steel Pan Work?

It is vital to know how efficient the pan is and helps you make good buying decisions.

I can say that it’s worth it because the Gotham steel pan is exactly as advertised. The non-stick surface is real and you don’t have to use oil or butter for your meals. This feature makes it the best pan to buy if you have committed to a healthy lifestyle or are on a diet and trying to replace deep fried foods with pan fried ones.

The pan surface doesn’t scratch making it perfect to use with metal utensils or to whisk eggs because there will be no damage.

Final Thoughts

Gotham steel pan meets all expectations and offers better cleaning and cooking experience than most cooking pans. The price is not only affordable but also commensurate with all the advantages you get which makes it the best deal for such high-quality cookware.

People enjoy quick cleaning and the pan doesn’t need scrubbing. You can serve healthier meals as you don’t have to use oil during meal preparation.  The pan is oven safe and dishwasher safe which makes it a must have in the kitchen.

The oven safe feature means you can prepare different foods on the same pan without having to change the pot. Besides, you can cook any food quickly.

The cookware comes with a 10-years warranty and you enjoy a quality cooking experience for a long time. The pan is affordable and is highly recommended to have in your kitchen.

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