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how much electricity does an air fryer use

How much Electricity does an Air Fryer Use

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance with a versatile workforce, then air fryers are the first choice of many.  It is a high-quality kitchen gadget that will make your cooking work easier in different ways.  Its popularity in kitchens is increasing due to its user-friendly convenience.  But just as the popularity is growing, so is the demand for information about it.

One such question about air fryers is how much electricity is consumed in air fryers or whether air fryers consume too much power. And today we are going to have some discussion on this.

What is an Air Fryer? A small definition

An air fryer is a modern kitchen gadget that runs on electricity.  It cooks food at high temperatures. It uses hot air instead of oil to prepare the dish and is a lot easier to handle. 

The amount of electricity that can be consumed depends on the size, making, and model of your air fryer as well as the capacity of the machine and how long it has been running or how long it is taking to prepare food. 

How much Electricity do Air Fryers Consume usually?

On average, air fryers use 1,400 to 1,700 watts of electricity which converts between 1.4kW and 1.7kW per hour of use.

To find out how much power your air fryer is consuming, we first need to find out at what wattage your air fryer will run on. Each air fryer runs at a different watt and is labeled on the air fryer. By multiplying the wattage by the time used, we can easily understand how much electricity the product consumes.

Suppose our kitchen’s air fryer runs at 1500 watts. That means if we use our air fryer for one hour to cook something, the total power consumption will be 1.5 kWh. 

One of the most surprising specialties of an air fryer is that it can finish cooking much faster than other kitchen gadgets.  If we do all the cooking we normally do at home in an air fryer, it may take an average of 20 minutes to finish cooking. 

So, let’s take this average and give a sample of how much energy can be consumed in an air fryer. Let’s dig into the details.

            Using the 1500 watt air fryer for 1 hour consumes 1.5-kilowatt-hours of electricity.  Suppose the price of 1 kWh electricity in our area is 13.5 to 14 cents. If we calculate for 14cents then the total cost of running the air fryer for one hour will be (1.5 × 14) =21 cents.  In other words, the air fryer will consume 21 cents of electricity in one hour.

Air Fryers Electricity Consumption Example through a Recipe: 

Now let’s make the matter clearer through a recipe.

Suppose today we will make chicken wings with the air fryer. Usually, air fryers take 15 to 16 minutes to make chicken wings.  And our air fryer runs at 1500 watts and is running for 1 hour, it consumes 1.5 kWh of electricity which is equivalent to 14 cents.  So if you cook chicken wings for 15 minutes, which is 1/4th of an hour, the air fryer will consume (1.5÷4)=0.375 kW electricity, which market price is (0.375 × 14)=5.25 cents. So to make a complete dish of delicious chicken wings our air fryer will cost only 5.25 cents of electricity!

From the above discussion, we must have got an idea of how much electricity can be consumed by cooking in an air fryer.  This idea will be clearer if we know the comparison of power consumption of air fryers with other kitchen appliances.

Difference between the Power Consumption of an Air Fryer with other Kitchen Appliances:

We all know that the air fryer prepares the food by circulating hot air around the food.  The best specialty of it is that it works much faster and in less time than other fryers such as deep fryers or ovens.

Again we already know that most of the air fryers run from 1400 to 1700 watts.  When you compare this watt to the deep fryer and the oven’s watt you will find that the air fryer costs less. A deep fryer runs at 1600-2000 watts and an oven runs at 2300 to 5000 watts.  Both deep fryers and ovens run at more watts than air fryers. Also, they both take longer to cook than an air fryer. Air fryers don’t even need to be preheated before cooking like conventional ovens and deep fryers. So ovens and deep fryers consume more watts and it is too late to complete their cooking!

So, When we compare the air fryer with other smart kitchen gadgets like an oven,  or deep fryer, apparently anyone can tell that our air fryer consumes comparatively less power.

How fantastically air fryers made food but don’t cost a lot! It’s a matter of satisfaction! Isn’t that so? 

So Air Fryers are Economical?

Of course, it is! From the above discussion, it is clear that air fryers are both energy efficient and economical compared to other modern kitchen gadgets. While circulating the heat it doesn’t take too long even if you are going to make chicken fry it won’t take more than 20 minutes.

So Besides taste and convenience, it uses less energy. Since it provides delicious cooking at low cost and in less time so it may be our first choice.

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Final Note

So are air fryers worth buying? Yes and yes!  It will not only help you to cut down your electricity bills but also will help you to save your time. Both time and money saver! Then I bet they are worth buying!

Hope this article will help you clarify your doubts and questions about air fryers’ wattage cost. And if you want to know more then let us know in the comment section or through email. 

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