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instant pot vs rice cooker

Instant Pot vs Rice Cooker

Among many smart kitchen appliances, Instant Pot and Rice Cooker are both used highly because of their swift performance in making rice. As both of them can perform their task very efficiently it can be a matter of concern to choose between these two as they have some differences. So for a smooth working experience, one should know the differences between the instant pot and rice cooker and should allow one which suits their requirements.

Both Instant Pot and Rice Cooker can cook your rice but the key difference between them is that instant pot has multi cooking functions while rice cooker only can provide the service of cooking rice. If you know the differences and other features between these two clearly, it will help you decide one should not buy any of them.

Then let’s discuss some of the differences between these two daily used kitchen appliances.

Safety Precautions

Before buying any new kitchen appliance safety measures must be kept in mind to avoid unnecessary accidents in the kitchen. As for instant pot, it releases steam from time to time. So if we don’t maintain the safety precautions and put our face very close to it, the released hot steam can burn our skin badly.

And in the case of a rice cooker as it does not release hot steam, however, to prevent oneself from mishap it should have to be cooled down after cooking.

How to Clean

Then we can discuss the cleaning technique of these two appliances. An instant pot is made of stainless steel which is very easy to wash and as most parts of the pot are safe to remove, so they can also be washed swiftly.

As for the rice cooker, it is much more simple to wash than an instant pot as its body is made of a stick interior and can be washed very easily. But there can be exceptions for some rice cookers with non-detachable interior pots. Moreover, both of these items can be washed with dishwater or soap.

Cooking Time Difference

Like the meaning of the word ‘instant’ means in a moment or quick, instant pot provides us with a short time cooking. It builds up the pressure by generating steam from water and makes food with less time with great aroma and taste.

While rice cookers are more likely than the traditional pots which worked by boiling water but takes much time.

Types of Meal

An instant pot has multi cooking options, so by using it we can cook rice, meat, soup, vegetables at the same time or one at a time.

Whereas rice cookers can’t cook more than rice or some simple food like pasta or other grains at one time.

Pressure Difference

Instant pot and Rice cooker work differently based on their pressure build-up process. While instant pot makes food by creating high pressure inside the pot by generating steam from water, the rice cooker does not maintain the high pressure like an instant pot but water inside the pot turns into steam to boil and absorb the rice.


As smart kitchen appliances both instant pot and rice cooker are effective in their own ways to make life easier in the kitchen. Choosing between these two merely based on one’s needs but should be taken on the basis of usage and performance.

If the timing doesn’t matter for one then he/she can use a rice cooker patiently and happily but if one is very busy and has to use his time properly he/she can go for an instant pot to reduce time in cooking.

So if you are only concerned about cooking rice I will suggest you buy an instant pot as it will save you a lot of time and it will also keep other cooking options.

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